The world is changing fast nowadays. The way we use our resources has a lot of negative impacts on nature and people’s health. We have been using too many fossil fuels for so many years that it has become difficult to stop this process. 


It can be stopped only if enough effort is done by everyone in order to solve global warming issues. Green energy projects are one of few solutions to these problems. This is why I keep talking about this despite the fact that I have made another post about green energy earlier: 


But before you start thinking about your own home solar panels or other small DIY renewable technology solutions like wind generators etc., think about all those big projects which are already in progress around the globe. After all, we need these big projects if we truly want to fight climate change. 


These huge clean energy projects can make a difference when combined together into one system. And moreover, they are actually very good long-term investments compared to fossil fuel companies. This article explains their importance.


Why We Need To Fight Climate Change


Climate change affects every aspect of life, including the economy, agriculture, health, ecology, culture, tourism, and more. According to scientists’ predictions, extreme weather events will increase in frequency as well as strength within the next few decades due to increasing greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere caused by human activities such as burning coal, oil, and gas for electricity generation. 


Global temperature rise could reach massively above pre-industrial levels during the 21st century.


Such an unprecedented rate of heating would bring disastrous consequences worldwide. It is estimated that climate-related disasters cost hundreds of billions globally. If nothing is done to reduce carbon emissions, the sea level may rise, and some big cities might sink. 


In addition, Arctic ice cap melting at a record pace would lead to further changes bringing drought conditions and food insecurity.


In fact, there are several studies showing how climate change could affect different parts of society depending upon where exactly you live. For example, low-income families living below the poverty line are going to suffer from higher risks of heat waves, heavy rainfall, and floods, while the upper middle class and wealthy individuals who spend more time outdoors are likely to benefit from reduced risk of cold spells and droughts. 


So, it makes sense to take action against climate change sooner rather than later. What do you mean by “take action”? Well, you should know that even though individual efforts can play a part, collective effort is the only way to make a difference. 


That’s right! Small groups of citizens working towards sustainable lifestyles through effective activism can achieve great results. 


By taking collective action, we can save millions of lives and protect our planet without waiting for government regulations. You can join hands with local environmental organizations and volunteer to support their cause. Or you can look for opportunities elsewhere to get involved in bigger-scale green energy projects. There are lots of ways available for you to participate in saving our environment.


Why Green Energy Projects Are Important


There are lots of benefits associated with participating in green energy projects instead of wasting money buying expensive gadgets and iPhones. One major advantage of having green power sources is being able to generate your own electricity without any worries about high utility bills. 


Another good point is not contributing to air pollution and toxic waste production. Even if you don’t produce your own electricity, using green energy still helps to lower CO2 emissions significantly compared to conventional ones. But the best thing about green energy projects is that they help to create jobs and improve economic growth in rural areas. 


Nowadays, investing in renewable energies is considered a profitable investment because returns can be seen after a short period of time. As soon as a green energy project starts generating revenue, new companies also find it easier to invest in expansion plans. Therefore, it creates employment opportunities for thousands of workers across the country.

So, now let me tell you what types of green energy projects exist currently? In America itself, the government entities have started to invest in multiple projects, so we shouldn’t be left behind either. You can check government investments on their website.


Wind Farms

Why don’t we talk about wind farms? 


Wind farm products like wind turbines convert the kinetic energy of wind flow into electrical energy. Turning wind into usable energy requires large turbine blades rotating at a very high speed.


Each blade consists of three sections: a hub, a nacelle, and two counterweights located near each end. At least eight horizontal rotor blades extend outwards from the hubs. Since the wind capture mechanism works based on rotational motion, the direction of rotation must point toward Earth’s magnetic field. 


Vertical axis windmill systems work better in regions where winds blow predominantly at constant speeds over short distances. However, horizontal axis windmills are cheaper and require less maintenance.


Solar Panels


Solar panels – Solar cells absorb sunlight and convert light photons directly into usable energy, known as the photovoltaic effect. Currently, silicon-based solar cells dominate commercial applications. Thin film solar cell technologies are also gaining popularity lately since they are relatively cheap to manufacture and easy to install. 


Photovoltaic modules consist of interconnected solar cells usually made of crystalline silicon material coated with anti-reflective coating and encapsulated in glass frames. Glass covers prevent solar radiation from reaching underlying layers of semiconductors, thus reducing its efficiency and durability. 


Although solar panel installation costs are similar to traditional methods of generating electricity, it takes quite a long time to see the return on investment compared to other approaches. 


Hydrogen Fuel Cells


Hydrogen fuel cells – Hydrogen fuel cells use hydrogen as a source of energy to generate electricity via an electrochemical reaction. Compared to existing batteries, fuel cells offer faster recharging times, no memory effects, and zero danger of explosion hazards. 


Fuel cells operate efficiently at room temperatures and therefore do not need extra cooling mechanisms. Due to the lack of direct access to electrons required for chemical reactions, hydrogen molecules pass through the proton exchange membrane electrolyte layer sandwiched between the cathode plate and anode plate. 


Power output varies with operating conditions and depends on the number of protons per molecule passing through the ionomer.


Electric Vehicles or EVs


Electric vehicles – Electric cars run on rechargeable battery packs charged by household plug sockets or wall chargers connected to the main grid. Battery-powered cars run on internal combustion engines replaced by electric motors controlled by lithium polymer batteries. 

Depending on the type of vehicle, charging stations can either provide electricity directly to the battery pack or charge the battery pack indirectly through regenerative braking or idle stop mode. With proper management strategies, batteries can travel 500 miles per full cycle.


If you want to learn more about my EV opinion, you can check out my specific EV post: 

Cleaner And Greener Server Solutions


Now, let’s talk about another important issue, server solutions. Centralized servers that are used to maintain fiat currencies databases are huge in power resources – and yet nobody talks about them. 


While blockchain aka decentralized solution, might be even more wasteful, certain blockchains (i.e., Algorand) are trying to be as carbon negative or neutral as possible. Imagine if all these old traditional centralized servers can get replaced by carbon-neutral blockchain solutions, that will be awesome! Check out my blockchain guide, which is also crucial when it comes to analyzing which chains might become mainstream in the future. Because nowadays we need to promote blockchain solutions with carbon neutral commitment.


If the likes of algorand or cardano can come out on top, we might be able to solve cleaner server issues. Combined with other green energy projects that I’ve mentioned above, I think we still have a lot of hope for humanity’s future.

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