A longer animated “Happy Birthday” film for the Film Freeway platform. This version features a longer playlist than The Birthday Movie.

The songs in this project include:

Marshall Rendina, Its Your Birthday

Kiai, Have a Happy Birthday

Blue Monkey Music, Happy Birthday

Daiske, Hey Daddy

Alexander Kläser, Happy Birthday

Moona Luna, Beautiful Birthday

Chris Trapper, Birthday Song

Michael Riepen, Happy Birthday

BrokeMC, Happy Birthday, It’s Your Day!

Backyard Music, Birthday Blues

The Pendulum Swings, (It Must Be) Somebody’s Birthday

The Danimals, Super Psyched Birthday Crew

Backyard Music, Blow Out the Candles

John Wesley Coleman, Blow Out The Candles And Eat Some Cake

Kevin Lax, Happy Birthday

The Blank Tapes, It’s Your Birthday

Rosanna Cantavella, Have a Happy Birthday

Elastro Brothers, Everybody Has A Birthday Today

Silence is full of birds, Hey, Its Your Birthday

Sorin Urzica, Happy Birthday to You

Gladioli Ravioli, h-a-p-p-y b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y t-o y-o-u

One Half of Example: None, Happy Birthday

Monk Turner + Fascinoma, Its Your Birthday (Apocalyptic)

Gerbil Bliss, Jakes Kept a Rollin

Backyard Music, A Bright Happy Birthday

b Mossman, Hooray It’s Your Birthday

Lovira, Birthday Present

Happy Birthday



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