Queer Steer Are Here

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The Queer Steer, originally a Dwacon® web series, are now featured in a short film that is streaming on Amazon. The Queer Steer are: Bully the leader of the herd, Bully’s girlfriend Bossie, their friend Angus, and his son Little Angus.

Queer SteerThe Queer Steer are peaceful and fun-loving. They enjoy dancing and having fun with each other and the townspeople. Their bank is loaded with gold… which is where the trouble begins.

A gang of outlaws (Pancho, Dalton Joe, Wyatt, and Billy the Kid) learn about the Steer and their bank vault full of gold. Wyatt sends Joe and Billy to spy on the steer. Joe is fascinated with abundance of gold in the Steer’s bank. Billy, on the other hand, is fascinated by Bossie’s dancing skills.

Queer Steer - The Outlaws

Queer SteerIt would appear that the Steer are no match for these dangerous outlaws.  But, when it comes to the Queer Steer, appearances are just that. Appearances.

You can Click Here to watch Queer Steer on Amazon. We hope you enjoy it, and the great selection of Country Western music on the soundtrack.

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