R.I.P. Hugh Hefner

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United States Army veteran Hugh Marston Hefner has exited the planet after 91 iconic years of changing American culture and doing things his way.

Hugh Hefner: Taken at the 2010 GlamourconAccording to Wikipedia «1», Hefner was a millionaire, a political activist, and a philanthropist in several causes and public issues. He also helped in the fight toward civil rights for Americans of African descent. More about that later.

Raised by religious parents, Hefner grew up in Chicago, the son of Nebraskan parents. After serving in the Army and then pursuing college, he took a job as a copywriter for Esquire Magazine. After being denied a $5 raise,

A former contributor to Esquire Magazine, Hefner took out a $600 mortgage and raised $8,000 from 45 investors, including $1,000 from his mother «2», which would be $14,360.27 in today’s currency «3». Of that investment, $200 went to purchase nude photographs of Marilyn Monroe that were originally shot for a calendar «4».

The first issue of his iconic Playboy Magazine was released in December 1953.

First Playboy Cover

Regarding Hefner’s role in civil rights, Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley shares his memories in the CNN «5» video clip below:

One groundbreaking contribution was his 1950’s Playboy’s Penthouse, a television program that featured African-American artists in a time where television was still segregated:

Hefner died of natural causes at his home in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California on September 27, 2017, at the age of 91 «6».



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