R.I.P. Jerry Lewis

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Not Jerry Lewis!Jerry Lewis

We have been trying to get over the shock of losing Dick Gregory when news came of the loss of my all-time favorite funny guy. Jerome Joseph Levitch, a/k/a Jerry Lewis, has exited the planet after 91 hilarious years.

Jerry reportedly suffered from many conditions over the years, including type 1 diabetes, prostate cancer, and pulmonary fibrosis prior to his passing.

When one mentions Jerry Lewis… the first thing thought of is his penchant for comedy. The video clip below features a fast-paced sampling of some of Lewis’ most hilarious comedic routines.


And yet, it was not all fun and laughs. Take into consideration the world’s most awkward «1»interview that Lewis gave to a reporter from the Hollywood Reporter:

Another great performance, in a two-season Saturday morning animated series, did not even feature Jerry Lewis. The animated Jerry was voiced by Laverne & Shirley co-star David Landers. Take a peek:

Jerry Lewis was even funny in mash-ups. An edited clip from his film The Nutty Professor is paired from solid gold funk by Earth, Wind and Fire.

And, we will give Jerry the last word on his last movie role. Be careful… his emotional response to the eventual demise that all of us have to look forward to will tug at your heartstrings:

Good night, Jerry!



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