R.I.P. Jim Vance

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As a young lad attending Howard University, I learned that the President of the United States was not the number one celebrity in the Nation’s Capitol. There were local celebrities including Marion Barry, Petey Greene, and local NBC News anchor James Howard “Jim” Vance.

Vance and I had a lot in common:

  • Fellow Capricorns
  • Fellow Pennsylvanians from the Greater Philadelphia area
  • Both trained in Journalism at an HBCU
  • Both sons of military Veterans

Beyond all of those similarities, I have one particular fond memory with Mr. Vance.

I had been working for the Bush Administration at the White House and was part of the transition team for the incoming Obama Administration. On Inauguration Day, I braved the crowd of locals, tourists, and others mobbing Capitol Hill. After verifying my credentials with the Washington DC Police and the Secret Service, I made my way onto the White House grounds.

I heard people cheering, “Hey!” and “Say something to us!” It must have been sleep deprivation that made me think they were shouting to me. I turned around with a smile and one guy said, “NOT YOU!”

I then noticed Jim Vance nearby, making his way onto the White House grounds. Crashing back down into cold reality, I continued on my way as Vance gave nods and smiles to the crowd, and then continued on his way.

After nearly a half-century in broadcasting, Jim Vance has exited the planet.

When he «1» started, one of the first men of color in an anchor position, WRC-TV «2» received a lot of hate mail.

Vance exited the planet on «3» July 22nd after a fight with «4» cancer.







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