Atomic Skeletons Are Coming To Get You

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Dwacon® Entertainment presentsAtomic Skeletons Key Art our latest CGI extravaganza…

Atomic Skeletons

In this Sci-Fi Horror film, three corpses fall from a military helicopter. They are repeatedly struck by lightning while falling into the cooling towers of a nuclear reactor. The process reanimates the skeletal remains… resulting in a hilariously scary film that will make you laugh, scream, and possibly even urinate.

Animated in three-dimensional Computer Generated Imagery, the Atomic Skeletons know how to find a happening saloon (as good soldiers of any era understand) and how to make mischief. Even when it requires the acquisition of a spacecraft and travel to another galaxy… the Atomic Skeletons are on top of every situation.

Additionally, as you will see… even when committing heinous misdeeds, the Atomic Skeletons can still dance and clown around while the situation goes TANGO UNIFORM.

Atomic Skeletons

You can watch the film and a trailer at the Atomic Skeletons page on Amazon Prime,



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