The More Things Change… The More They Stay The Same…

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I was watching the second season finale of the outstanding series Underground which, on its debut, boosted WGN’s ratings by 1,000 percent «1».

UndergroundStarring my vote for ingenué of the 21st Century Jurnee Diane Smollett-Bell «2», the show has featured some of the best writing, acting, and production values on modern television. Unfortunately, that pedigree (despite a 40% drop for Season 2) may not guarantee a third season. Hence, a bit of consternation over whether this series will live to see a third season «3».

That makes us very unhappy.

Very unhappy indeed…

We hope that the show survives, and that the subject of slavery continues to stay in the public eye. As CNN’s W. Kamau Bell has brought to our attention, the subject of slavery is nowhere near ready to be put to pasture «4».

But the remake of Roots notwithstanding, there is still a fair amount of educational material that provides valuable insight on the subject. In addition to YouTube, the Internet Archive is a treasure trove of video going back as far as one might imagine. Perhaps, even farther.

Enjoy this piece produced by CBS before you were probably born.





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