Dwacon® Series Galactic Blitz

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The Dwacon® Entertainment series Galactic Blitz is live on Amazon Prime! Check out a few still frames from the series:

Galactic Blitz - Siro’am confronted by Liara, mother of the Assassin Queen

Galactic Blitz, Season 1, Episode 7

Galactic Blitz, Episode 6, The First Contact Part 1

Galactic Blitz, Season 01, Episode 02


If you haven’t seen the Dwacon® Entertainment series Galactic Blitz, visit https://www.amazon.com to see our nine-episode saga. You can also shop the Galactic Blitz store!  You can  save  20% OFF SITEWIDE using Code: ZGOODBYE2016 through Christmas Day.

Want a sneak peek? Of course you do! Check them out below… and feel free to click any image to get the full details.


Galactic Blitz Goodies
Galactic Blitz Goodies


Galactic Blitz Psychedelic Tie Dye (Front)Galactic Blitz Psychedelic Tie Dye (Rear)

For Kids

Galactic Blitz Kids Hoodie FrontGalactic Blitz Kids Hoodie Back
Galactic Blitz Kids Tee FrontGalactic Blitz Kids Tee Back

For Women

Galactic Blitz Womens Football Jersey FrontGalactic Blitz Womens Football Jersey BackGalactic Blitz Womens Hoodie FrontGalactic Blitz Womens Hoodie Back

Galactic Blitz Women’s Dress FrontGalactic Blitz Women’s Shirt Back

Galactic Blitz Women’s Spaghetti Strap FrontGalactic Blitz Women’s Spaghetti Strap Back

Galactic Blitz Women’s Shirt FrontGalactic Blitz Women’s Shirt Back

Galactic Blitz Women’s Tee FrontGalactic Blitz Women’s Tee Back

For Men

Galactic Blitz Mens Football Jersey Front Galactic Blitz Mens Football Jersey Back
Galactic Blitz Mens Sweatshirt Front Galactic Blitz Mens Sweatshirt Back
Galactic Blitz Mens Hoodie Front Galactic Blitz Mens Hoodie Back
Galactic Blitz Mens Tee Front Galactic Blitz Mens Tee Back

Is That All?

No way! This is just a tiny sampling. To see everything (and we do mean everything)… pay a visit to The Dwacon® Galactic Blitz Collection. Be sure to keep an eye out for our 50% off specials!

Feel free to visit the Galactic Blitz Page on the Dwacon® Interwebs!




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