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Most of my career has been in the Information Technology (IT) sector. In order to maintain my skills and move up into better paying positions, I took a number of great training programs.

When I switched my area of interest to the entertainment field… I knew that I would need to get a quick but comprehensive education. I took courses in sound, video, composition and other relevant technologies.

So, what do you do to change or move upward in your career? Our partners at Pearson Education have the solution. Pearson offers books, videos and web-based education in many areas, including (but, not limited to):

  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS X Lion
  • Video Production
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Information Technology
  • Apple and Android Development
  • Web Development
  • 3D Printing
  • And more…

Pearson Education (myPEARSONstore)

If you need to learn or improve your knowledge, you can check out the great courses from Pearson Education. Below are just a few of the many great videos that Pearson stream:

Digital Video Production

This is is THE comprehensive road map for Sony EX1 and EX3 owners! Digital production industry expert Noah Kadner takes you step by step through the complete function and operation of this revolutionary XDCAM EX 1080/24p high definition camera. He then goes into the edit suite to work with the footage in post-production (while the focus is on Final Cut Pro 7, the lessons can be applied to your own non-linear editor of choice)

If you want to design intuitive and engaging web sites, apps, print materials or products, then you need to know the psychology that underlies people’s behavior. 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People explores both the foundational and the latest research in psychology and applies it to design.


This critically-acclaimed interactive training program from Peachpit and Adobe Press offers exceptional quality high-definition video to teach the workflow fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Lightroom CC, specifically with the photographer in mind. Experienced instructor and photographer Mikkel Aaland presents the basics of moving Lightroom files to Photoshop and back. You’ll learn to perform photo retouching, how to add dynamic type to your images, and fix camera shake.

Android Development

10+ Hours of Video Instruction, Introduction to Java for Android Development LiveLessons provides step-by-step guidance for absolute beginners with no programming experience to learn Java by practicing meaningful, real-world Android development. In this video training, you first get answers to common questions you have when thinking about becoming a developer or programmer. You then download and install the software that makes writing code easier in order to run a simple app.

11 Hours of Video Training, Modern Software Engineering: Continuous Delivery and Microservices with .NET is a video compilation of the MeasureUP 2016 conference in Austin, Texas. MeasureUP (http://measureup. io/) aims to allow attendees to deliver custom business software of high-quality with great speed. The conference covers topics from methodology and process to deep dives into the most relevant Microsoft platform technologies.

Microsoft Development

10 Hours of Video Instruction, Learn from an expert while you become the expert. Practical Windows PowerShell Scripting LiveLessons begins with the basics of working with PowerShell and progresses to areas that are not typically covered, such as building GUI interfaces. The entire video is designed to be hands on, and is created by an instructor who is highly experienced with creating complex PowerShell scripts.

More than 7 hours of training, so you can pass the Certified OpenStack Administrator Certification or the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) in Red Hat OpenStack exams.

C# 6 Fundamentals LiveLessons Part III: GUIs, String Processing, File Processing and Generics is the new C# video from expert trainer Paul Deitel. In this video, Paul begins by exploring the Windows Forms GUI interface. He then moves on to coverage of strings, and files and streams in C#. The last lesson ends with an exploration of generics. Paul Deitel is co-founder of Deitel & Associates, Inc. and co-author of the best-selling C# 2012 For Programmers, 5/e and Visual C# 2015 How to Program.

Cisco Certification

CCENT ICND1 100-105 Complete Video Course is a comprehensive training course that brings Cisco CCENT exam topics to life through the use of real-world demonstrations, animations, live instruction, and configurations, making learning these foundational networking topics easy and fun. Best-selling author, expert instructor, and double CCIE Kevin Wallace walks you through the full range of topics on the CCENT ICND1 100-105 exam.

CCNA Routing and Switching 200-125 Complete Video Course is a comprehensive training course that brings Cisco CCNA exam topics to life through the use of real-world demonstrations, animations, live instruction, and configurations, making learning these foundational networking topics easy and fun.

CISSP Certification

More than 7 Hours of concentrated Video Instruction on the CISSP exam’s most challenging concepts along with exposure to the most common exam traps, pitfalls, and difficulties. The author additionally walks through sample questions for each domain in the exam, so you can see the types of exam questions you’ll experience and learn how to work through complications and snags you might find on the exam. This is the perfect course for anyone about to take the exam.

Oracle Education

Oracle DBA Fundamentals Complete Video Course presents the architecture, roles, and process of being an Oracle Database Administrator. The video training covers all of the core skills required to administer an Oracle database. DBAs will be able to follow a basic core curriculum structure, or look for specific topical areas that they need more information on. Part 1 covers an introduction to the Oracle Database and the role of the DBA.

Linux Certification

Linux Security Complete Video Course. More than 20 hours of video instruction. Learn everything you need to know about Linux security in one title. Linux Security Complete Video Course teaches you everything you need to know to build a safe Linux environment.


Algorithms, Deluxe Edition, Fourth Edition. These Algorithms Video Lectures cover the essential information that every serious programmer needs to know about algorithms and data structures, with emphasis on applications and scientific performance analysis of Java implementations.

Again, that was just a small selection of all that is available. You can get videos, books, and more at Pearson Education Peachpit:

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