R.I.P. Garry Marshall

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What didn’t Bronx native Garry Kent Masciarelli do?Garry Marshall He was an actor, a director, a producer, a writer, a voice artist, and a comedian.

He also had a coveted parking space at CBS Studio City that I had purloined on a couple occasions. I guess the one thing that Garry didn’t do was live long enough for me to achieve my lifelong dream of working for him.

Born in 1934, the multi-hyphenate suffered a stroke and later succumbed to pneumonia in his Burbank, California hospital bed.

His six-decade career included films he directed from 1982 through 2016; television writing and/or producing credits from 1959 through 2016; and acting roles from 1950 through 2016. May he rest in peace. Thanks for the years of unparalleled talent you shared with all of us.



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