“Galactic Blitz” Season One

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Dwacon® Entertainment is proud to announce the completion of its sci-fi web series: “Galactic Blitz.”  The series focuses on two Pentagon workers ready to quit their jobs and start a family. Their plans are put on hold when aliens invade the Earth.  The nine-episode arc for the first season ends with a surprise cliffhanger.

As with the five other Dwacon® web series, “Galactic Blitz” is 3D CGI.  However, this show uses higher-quality graphics and effects than its forbears. Additionally, the storylines follow a complex and dramatic arc.

The Astra, loaded with nuclear bombs, en route to the alien homeworld

The series premise of Life Interrupted… by Alien Invasion chronicles Sam and Tiffany, two Pentagon staffers about to leave their positions to move to Sam’s home state of Hawaii to start a family. An alien invasion changes everything… especially in the shocking season finale.

Astronauts and Androids on the Moon Base

We were blessed to have a cast of outstanding actors appearing in this series.  The primary cast includes:

Chas Scherer   Chas Scherer

  1. True Detective
  2. Hart of Dixie
  3. Grey’s Anatomy

Marneen Fields   Marneen Fields

  1. Lou Grant
  2. Quincy M.E.
  3. The Rockford Files

Eileen Wesson   Eileen Wesson

  1. Ironside
  2. Airport
  3. The Streets of San Francisco

Loren Kinsella   Loren Kinsella

  1. Sheena
  2. The Original Batman
  3. Man of a Thousand Faces

Alice Ko   Alice Ko

  1. Kung Fu Panda 3
  2. Sex Sent Me to the Slammer
  3. Wives with Knives

The Assassin Queen Attacks an Armored Robot

The series is currently available on two external platforms (with avenues for wider distribution under consideration):

Galactic Blitz is the sixth web series produced by Dwacon® Entertainment.



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