R.I.P. Patty Duke

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Long before Tatiana Maslany played multiple clones in Orphan Black, another actress convinced the world she was a set of identical cousins. And, we loved her for it.

Patty Duke Oscar® winner Patty Duke was born Anna Marie Duke on December 14th 1946 in Elmhurst, Queens, New York.

The dual characters on her eponymous series were created by Sidney Sheldon (“I Dream of Jeannie”) and Bill Asher (“Bewitched”).

Sheldon intuitively recognized Duke’s bipolar disorder and used that to invent the identical cousin concept.

The following clip has Patty discussing the creation of The Patty Duke Show.

Duke’s advocacy for mental health issues was a major part of her life in recent years. Take a look at the following video hosted by Katherine (Katie) Couric below:

Here is a clip

Prayers for her husband of 30 years, Michael Pearce; her three children: Sean and Mackenzie Astin and Kevin Peace; and her grandchildren. Our final clip: an interview with Anna and her sons:

Rest in peace, Anna. And now…

Would Everybody PLEASE Stop Dying?



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