Casting Call: Two “Fifty Shades of Gray” Sequels

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Critics and pundits notwithstanding, Fifty Shades of Gray brought in over a half-billion dollars at the box office. That makes for not one, but two sequels ramping up for production. If you would like a speaking- or extra-role, take note… the two back-to-back productions begin this month and run through July 2016 in Vancouver, British Colombia.

50 Shades Sequels

If you are interested in a principal actor role, have your agent/manager contact the casting director:

Coreen Mayers
Heike Brandstatter
Further Adventures of Max & Banks
555 Brooksbank Avenue
Building 4, Suite 210
North Vancouver, BC V7J 3S5

If you are an industry neophyte, or if you do not have an agent or a manager to submit you through channels, it would be the best idea to purchase a copy of the Actors Resource Guide.



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