R.I.P. David Bowie

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When I hear the name David Bowie, the first thing that comes to mind, is…

David Bowie - Jazzing for Blue JeanDavid Robert Jones exited the planet two days after his birthday, having entertained us for much of his 69 years. In fact, his 25th and last album (entitled Blackstar) was released on his birthday[ref]The Hollywood Reporter[/ref].

The name change from David Jones to David Bowie was his attempt to avoid confusion with the Monkees’ singer, David Jones. Read all about it in David Bowie’s Obituary.

Bowie first gained our attention in the 1960’s, during the height of America’s space race against the Soviet Union. Perhaps that was what inspired iconic song which became a Top 5 hit in the United Kingdom:

In 1996, the eclectic and iconic David Bowie was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Eight years later, Rolling Stone ranked Bowie 39th place in the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” and 23rd Best Singer of all time. How many artists could cover rock, electronica and other genres… and appear on Soul Train?

Although known for pushing the envelope with electronic, soul, funk, rock and other sounds… Bowie was not shy to mix with a master of the classics. Check out this Christmas medley Bowie sang alongside Bing Crosby.

His fans will, of course, mourn. But… perhaps Bowie would prefer that we dance…



Also see: David Bowie: A Life in Pictures.



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