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Move Over Star Trek and Star Wars… A New Sci-Fi Series is Here!  Dwacon® has a sixth web series…

Galactic BlitzDwacon® Entertainment is proud to announce a new sci-fi web series: “Galactic Blitz.” The focus is on two Pentagon workers ready to quit their jobs and start a family. Their plans are put on hold when aliens invade the Earth. Two of the ten season one episodes are live, with the third in pre-production. The ten-episode arc for the first season ends with a surprise cliffhanger.

As with the five other Dwacon® web series, “Galactic Blitz” is 3D CGI. This show uses higher-quality graphics and effects. The storylines are more complex and dramatic. The cast is larger, including:

  • Marneen Fields (“The Howling”, “Battlestar Galactica”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2”)
  • Chas Scherer (“True Detective”, “Hart of Dixie”, “Grey’s Anatomy”)
  • Chinese recording artist Ocean Hai.

Siro’am Reviewing Star ChartsDwacon® is working with a number of veteran actors. The third episode will include veteran actress Eileen Wesson (“Ironside”, “The Streets of San Francisco”, “Airport”).

“Galactic Blitz” is the first sci-fi entry of the six web series created by Dwacon®, representing over fifty on-line episodes (with new material added regularly). Dwacon® products are distributed to over 150 countries in 1080p HD video. Dwacon® works with Gudjon Gudjonsson’s Iceland-based distribution platform,

The Galactic Blitz series can be found at (the Dwacon® OZ site). The pilot episode can be seen for free at (Dwacon® Vimeo site). The IMDB page for the series,, is updated with the release of each new episode.

“A New Life”

The Pentagon conference room where Professor Fowler briefs the team


Galactic Blitz, Season 1, Episode 2

Galactic Blitz, Season 1, Episode 2





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