Frank Sinatra 100th

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Frank Sinatra launched into stardom at the legendary Hollywood Bowl at the age of 27.  At the time, who knew?

On Set: Frank Sinatra Tribute. PHOTO CREDIT: KEVEN FREEDMAN

Sinatra crooned to screaming “bobby soxers” whose caterwauling convinced naysayers that Sinatra was a true star.  Sadly, the Chairman exited the planet far too soon for his fans.

The good news?  His legend continues…

Part of the celebration includes a tribute video starring my friend and fellow military veteran J.B.  He truly embodies the spirit of Old Blue Eyes, doesn’t he?

I portrayed Count Basie in the video.  No pianos were harmed in the filming of my part.

As a Tennessee Squire, I was excited to learn about the special tribute from Jack Daniels.


Jack Daniel's Special Tribute Bottle for Frank Sinatra

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey paying tribute to its one of the biggest fans by launching a new ultra-premium Jack Daniel’s in association with Frank Sinatra Enterprises (FSE).

This 90-Proof libation, made with Sinatra Barrels, emulates Sinatra’s favorite libation with a unique brew that has sold for ±$500 and may be going for higher collectors prices in the future.


If you would like a bottle… Jack Daniels recommends ordering from 1-877-SPIRITS.

Not convinced that this is the libation for you? Check this out…



Finally, there will be tributes to Frank Sinatra in Monaco. This includes a rare collection of 100 photographs from Jay Gatsby Editions by Frédéric Lecomte-Dieu. Visit Visit Monaco for full details.



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