Farts Lower Blood Pressure (Scientifically Proven)

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Founding Father Benjamin Franklin wroteBenjamin Franklin, “Fart Proudly” the historical and hysterical treatise, Fart Proudly.

Given this revelation, you should not try to be silent-but-deadly. Rather, you should be proud to let the methane fly!

However, what Franklin may not have known is that passing gas has health benefits. For instance, did you know that flatulence can help lower your blood pressure?

Hydrogen sulphide, a toxic gas that is generated by bacteria living in the digestive system, has been shown to control blood pressure in mice.

The study showed that the rodents with higher levels of the gas had lower blood pressure than those with less. However, the gas can also have negative effects on other body parts.

Most likely, the nose…

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Perhaps you might wish to read some scientific studies revealing that foul-smelling flatulence may help one regulate blood pressure. You can read about it at:

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