New Star Trek TV Series

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The $5.99/month CBS All Access streaming service will soon have another entry. Starting in January 2017, following the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, a new Star Trek television series available on the air and on-line.

Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin will feature all new characters and all new storylines in this new series[ref]Star Trek Online[/ref]. Hopefully Kurtzman and Kadin will heed the advice given by Information Week for this new show.

Captain WorfThat means, to the disappointment of many fans, that this will not be the hoped-for Captain Worf series[ref]Trek News[/ref]. After Star Trek The Next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Michael Dorn did an amazing episode of Dead Man’s Gun that many hoped would spin off to a series for the versatile actor. That show never made it to the airwaves. CBS dropping the ball on Captain Worf is another let-down for die hard fans.

President ObamaAs suggested by The Guardian, perhaps President Obama might have a post-White House job portraying a Vulcan in the new series. Don’t get the reference? Read this article.



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