This Ginger Didn’t Hang With Gilligan

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Long before the invention of Ritalin, there was a loud, hyperactive teenage girl who loves her dad so much, she knocks him down and smothers him with kisses. Apparently, child protective services… well, they didn’t exist then.

Time Out for GingerCandy Moore took on the role that helped make Patty Duke a star… and it turned out to be a turkey that never made it to television.

Thanks to the internet, however… you can see this monumental flop of 1962.

Hey, isn’t that the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz as the family’s maid?

The Early Days of TelevisionI guess Ann B. Davis was too busy with Bob Cummings to do an Alice-type role.

Enough old TV references for you?  Huh?

After watching the video below, drop us a comment to let us know how many times (and with what implement) you think this girl should have been slapped…




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