William Shatner’s Scary Christmas

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Coming this October, William Shatner stars in a Christmas horror film set in the small town of Bailey Downs.

William Shatner

The story is based on Krampus, a tradition of Germanic paganism. Krampus[ref]Wikipedia[/ref] eventually developed into a companion of Santa Claus (or, Saint Nicholas). While Saint Nick brought gifts to reward good children, Krampus would punish (or, in some interpretations, kill) naughty children.

Saint Nikolaus and Krampus Visiting a Vienniese Home

In Shatner’s film, a young boy summons Krampus. From there, the fun begins. Christmas changes from a time of joy and gladness to a fight for survival!

You can take a look at a trailer for the film below:

Shatner’s film, A Christmas Horror Story, will simultaneously open in theaters and as a video-on-demand title.



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