Laughing While Black?

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Sometimes, you think you have heard it all…Welcome to Napa Valley but this story, which took place in a quaint section of Northern California, has been reported across the continent and even across the ocean[ref]UK Daily Mail[/ref].

Yes, friends… this is the internationally told tale of infamy, inspired by a group of women whose saga inspired a new Twitter hashtag:

Hashtag: WTF? #LaughingWhileBlack

It is the story of a group of women (all but one African-American) who were members of the Sisters on the Reading Edge Book Club[ref]Associated Press[/ref]. The group booked a trip on The Napa Valley Wine Train. Founded by Vincent DeDomenico, an inventor of Rice-A-Roni[ref]Wikipedia[/ref], the train, operated by the Napa Valley Railroad, Napa and St. Helena, California.

Book Club Members on the Train

Larry Thomas, The Soup Nazi

No Wine for You!

The group, according to CNN[ref]CNN[/ref], had informed the rail line in advance that they had planned to enjoy each others’ company during the train ride… giving specifics on the group’s size, etc.  Unfortunately, their request was not honored, resulting in the women being dispersed throughout the train.

Granted, this was not going to prompt the ladies to sit quietly.  They just had to be creative in their attempts to include all members of the group in conversation.  This, sadly, resulted in a painful and embarrassing escalation of matters.

Their trip became a humiliating experience[ref]SF Gate[/ref] when their laughter was reportedly a bit overly exuberant[ref]Time[/ref], a situation exacerbated by their requested seating arrangement (together) was not fulfilled, and the women were randomly placed throughout the car[ref]New York Post[/ref].

Napa Valley Wine Train

Somehow, the ladies’ (one of which is an 83-year-old grandmother) laughter was reported by The Napa Valley Wine Train management as verbal and physical abuse[ref]Think Progress[/ref] towards other guests and staff,” necessitating the intervention of law enforcement personnel…

Napa Valley Wine Train Facebook Post


Napa Valley Police


Those accusations were later recanted as being false.

Here is a liberal media (ABC) news report:

The following video, comes from The Lip TV[ref]The Lip TV[/ref]:

An interesting tidbit from FoxNews[ref]Fox News[/ref]: The NAPA Valley Wine Train was designated to receive $54-million in stimulus funding. Well, that was back in 2011… but did you seriously think Fox would cover this story?

After these ladies have gotten over their trauma, they may wish to consider recommendations of wineries owned by African-Americans[ref]Clutch Magazine[/ref].

And now… highlights from #LaughingWhileBlack

Twitter Reactions to #LaughingWhileBlack



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