School Days…

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Ah, yes… those school days. School days. Dear old golden rule days. Reading and writing and ‘rithmetic… taught to the rule of a hickory switch.

Corporal Punishment in Schools

Okay… that is obviously from some archaic generation.  But considering all of the problems occurring in schools today, perhaps we need to have teachers go “old school” on rowdy, unruly kids?

I remember my old buddy Quentin and our shenanigans in first grade. We thought that we were the funniest thing since Steven Colbert when, one day, our teacher announced a special guest.

Quentin’s dad came in with a belt (which ostensibly is softer than a hickory switch) and gave Quentin a career change (from class clown to valedictorian).  My buddy was smote’d fore and aft!

I sat there, terrified that my dad (who did use a switch) was in the hallway waiting his turn to come in and lay it on me.

Fortunately, that was not the case.  Still… seeing my buddy get a major whooping was enough to scare all of us straight!




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