The Hollywood Traffic Jam

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The ins and outs of traffic in HollywoodGoogle Earth Traffic View of Hollywood remain one of the things I am still getting used to.

But, when my favorite traffic-avoidance side street, Fountain Avenue, started backing up for blocks… that meant only one thing.

The cursed on-going construction on the Sunset Strip.

The purpose of the construction is to erect the first ground-up hotel in the area in over three decades.

The boutique James Hotel, along with residential and shopping space, will soon be erected in the already busy Sunset Strip.

This area has a long history[ref]History of the Sunset Strip[/ref] that has evolved from the days of prohibition into the 21st Century.

How will the final product look?

Here is one artist’s concept:

Conceptual Art Representing Sunset and La Cienega

This change will necessitate the removal of many area standards, including the beloved House of Blues[ref]LA Curbed[/ref]. And so, the question remains… how will we circumnavigate the construction-affected traffic?

The following video clip, created in the vein of Saturday Night Live sketches, may be helpful.

Then again, it might not.

One never can tell.

Can one?



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