The Fantastic Four REBOOT Starts TODAY!

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Rather than give a third film to the original series… featuring a blue-eyed Jessica Alba and Michael Chiklis as a true-to-the-toons version of The Thing… we get a more youthful (and diverse) cast with a modified storyline.

Fantastic Four Reboot

Critics have not been kind to this film. According to Variety[ref]Variety[/ref], the director blames the studio for the 9% Rotten Tomatoes score. You can read Variety’s review of the film here.

Tweet from Variety

In case you are not sure whether you want to see this film, how about taking a peek at the three official trailers:

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

Trailer #3

Why did they have to reboot the series? It wasn’t just because the Human Torch is now Captain America and needed to be replaced by an African-American actor. Maybe it was because of the sins committed by the makers of the original films:

The Sins of Film #1

The Sins of Film #2

Regardless, none of those films could have been as bad as Roger Corman’s 1994 film. You can see the entire film… all ±90 minutes of a low budget marvel (pun unintended)… below:

Maybe Marvel should merge the Fantastic Four with another movie hero who has trouble finding positive attention at the Box Office. How about…

Hulk vs. The Thing?



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