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You ever try to convince somebody of something and they refused to believe you? No matter how urgently you expressed the situation… or no matter how logical it seems, they just act as if you are either a liar or an insane person?

Say, what?My first experience with incredulity was as a college student. I wandered into the lobby of our dorm late one night and witnessed commotion. Our Resident Assistant grabbed me and took me over to the opening of a corridor where, on the opposite end, a fire was raging. He explained that the circuit breakers were behind that area and there was no power to the alarm or P.A. systems. He shoved me toward the staircase and told me to go upstairs and tell people to leave.

I did as instructed. Surprisingly, not one person believed when I told them the building was on fire. People scoffed. People argued. Some slammed doors in my face. Finally, one big dude who may have been on campus with a football scholarship roared at me in his deep baritone:

I say, there ain’t no fire!
You knock on one more door…
It’s gon’ be you and me!

Well, I walked off wishing that the flames would hit them smack in the middle of their butt crack… and wondering why those funny moments in life transpire.

Have your own encounter with incredulity?

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