What if the $h!t You Are Eating is Actually $h!t ???

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You ever eat something and think “What is this crap that I’m eating?” What if you really were eating, um… urp!

Steaks Made from Human Excrement

Scientists in Japan used technology to create steaks from doodie[ref]Daily Tech[/ref], that substance that Monty Python referred to as brown and sounds like a bell. That’s right… dung!


Presumably, steaks made from excrement look good (thanks to artificial red color) and are nourishing (thanks to the list of additives listed below):

  • 63% protein
  • 25% carbohydrate
  • 3% lipids
  • 9% minerals

These synthetic steaks are PETA friendly in that they were produced without any animal suffering. However, eating poop might cause human suffering.

Ya Think?

Ya Think?


So, if you get the urge to to Japan and order a Crappy Meal… don’t be surprised if the cashier asks, “Would you like flies with that?”

Apologies to Bill Maher.


Let’s take a look at a video about those infamous turd burgers:





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