Whoops… Wardrobe Malfunction Caught on Camera!

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Wherever you find a red carpet, there will be celebrities. And wherever you find celebrities, you will find Paparazzi. And where the cameras are flashing, body parts will invariably also be flashed.

Hollywood and Wardrobe Malfunctions

In this podcast, Lorita discusses Hollywood’s penchant for photographing female celebrities and their “wardrobe malfunctions” — which appear on television, in magazines, and around the internet.

Enticements to view naked stars are quite typical in spam messages.  Unfortunately, the only stars you will see if you click those links are from the headaches caused by the viruses and malware you will wind up downloading onto your system.

The soundtrack for the video below features “Albino – An interesting blend of country violin and bouncy jazz styles” by Brian Boyko and the Train Robbin’ Scoundrels Band.  This is public domain music by http://www.freesfx.co.uk.



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