Beef. It’s What’s for Supper!

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What to do with leftover beef short ribs?Beef Short Ribs I wanted to come up with something interesting to do with them.

Acting on autopilot, I grabbed a ceramic casserole and then:

  • Lined the bottom with potato sliced at roughly ¼-inch thickness
  • Added a few dabs of butter on top
  • Sliced a yellow onion, distributing the rings on top
  • If you have a smaller casserole, add a second layer of potatoes, also topped with butter and onions
  • Added the Beef Short Ribs on top
  • Seasoned with garlic salt, cayenne and black pepper
  • Sliced red capsicum, placing it on top
  • Poured in enough Clés des Ducs Vieil Armagnac V.S.O.P. to cover the potatoes
  • Covered and baked for 45 minutes at 350°

If you try this at home… I recommend that you serve it with steamed veggies. The perfect libation for this meal would be and a lovely Barton & Guestier Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Bon Apetit!




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