Dentist Tortures Young Children

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Why would a dentist torture childrenDr. Schneider, mutilating their mouths while ignoring their young innocent screams of pain? For money, of course!

Dr. Howard Schneider[ref]Nancy Grace, HLN[/ref] is accused of performing unnecessary dental procedures on young children for ±$4,000,000 taxpayer dollars received from Medicaid payments. Take a look at one of his poor young patients being tortured in the video clips below:

Report on Dentist

Interview with Torture Dentist

The 78 year old dentist has also been accused of torture, choking kids, and performing painful procedures without anesthetics[ref]The UK Daily Mail[/ref].

A legal suit claims that this dentist is a “pathological sadist” with a “psychosexual disorder” who derives “sexual excitement” from these childrens’ agony[ref]First Coast News[/ref].

Sixty patients were named in the suit, although there may be as many as 1,000 victims who would be seeking damages[ref]Crime Feed[/ref].

The Daily Mail lists the charges Dr. Schneider is facing:

  1. Choking children to the point of unconsciousness rather than using appropriate anesthetic prior to doing tooth extractions
  2. Performing excruciatingly painful medical procedures on children without anesthetic
  3. Performing non-medically necessary dental especially tooth extractions, often without anesthetic, on his child patients…
  4. Taking special steps to scare and frighten children by wearing masks and other costume paraphernalia during treatment sessions, with the intent to frighten the children he treats
  5. Using fear and threats to scare and thereby silence his victims, including threats not limited to saying things like “Your mom will die” if you tell her what happened and other similar tactics
  6. Refusing to allow parents to be present during medical treatment of their own children…
  7. Threatening to make fraudulent reports to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) against innocent parents who questioned him

If that was my child in that chair, that doctor might catch a wee bit of a beat down. Euphemistically speaking, of course.

Beat Down



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