R.I.P. Anne Meara

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We were shocked and saddened to hear the newsAnne Meara, 1975 that comedienne Anne Meara, mother of Ben Stiller, has exited the planet at 85.

Brooklyn native[ref]CNN[/ref] Anne Meara was married to fellow comedian Jerry Stiller for 61 years[ref]ABC News[/ref], possibly a record by Hollywood standards.

Meara was raised Catholic but converted to her husband’s Reformed Jewish faith six years after their 1954 wedding[ref]LA Times[/ref].

Stiller and Meara were a top comedy act in the 1960s, appearing on “The Ed Sullivan Show” some 36 times. Meara and Stiller were members of the improv group the Compass Players, which later became Second City[ref]Variety[/ref].

Stiller and Meara on the Ed Sullivan Show

All in all, Meara’s prolific career included[ref]IMDB[/ref]:

  • 89 Acting Credits
  • 81 “Self” Credits
  • Four Writer Credits
  • One Producer Credit

In the video below, a fitting tribute to Meara:


Meara is survived by Ben and Jerry Stiller, her daughter, Amy, and several grandchildren[ref]USA Today[/ref]. Take a listen to one of the hilarious Blue Nun commercials done by Stiller and Meara:

Our prayers for the family, friends and loved ones.



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