Get “Earl Grey, Hot!” With Your Own Star Trek Replicator

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Every fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation knows this meme by heart:

In our continuing look at how Star Trek technology is making an early appearance in the 21st Century, we would like to introduce to you The Genie, created by Israeli entrepreneurs Ayelet Carasso and Doron Marco[ref]Star Trek Web Site[/ref].

The Genie Food Replicator

The difference here is that the Star Trek replicator (theoretically) creates matter from energy. The Genie creates a meal using pre-packaged food pods. Think of it as a Keurig machine for food[ref]Technabob[/ref].

Take a look at the Genie in action in a video report from Reuters’ Sharon Reich[ref]Reuters[/ref]:

Like the Apple Watch, you need a smart phone to control the Genie[ref]EndGadget[/ref]. However, a bowl of ramen or a chocolate soufflé in 30 seconds seems an excellent innovation.

What we at Dwacon® like best is that there are no GMOs or pesticide-poisoned foodstuffs here. And, options will be available for those requiring a sugar-, gluten-, dairy- or egg-free diet[ref]C-Net[/ref].

Intrigued? Ready to pre-order one? Or, just want more information? You can sign-up at!



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