NASA Discovers The Warp Drive?

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Friends, we are truly in the 21st Century!USS Enterprise Warp Factor Nine to Mars?

Based upon Dr. Craig Tyler’s calculations[ref]Communities of Academic Partnerships[/ref], speed of light travel would take us from Earth to the Sun ( 92,960,000 miles or 149,600,000 km) in ±8 minutes. For those who maybe don’t want to be incinerated in space, perhaps Mars would be a better target?

With current technology, Mars at 140,000,000 miles (or, 225,300,000 km) from earth is a minimum of 150 days travel in a conventional spacecraft. Speed of light (Warp) travel would be ±12 minutes. While true warp travel is a while off from development, NASA’s electromagnetic propulsion drive (a/k/a the EM Drive) could make the trip in 70 days[ref]Science Alert[/ref].

The design for a NASA EM Drive vehicle, developed by NASA scientist and Advanced Propulsion Team Lead Harold White in conjunction with artist Mark Rademaker[ref]Extreme Tech[/ref], looks like this:

The Enterprise 2: Conceptual Design

The Enterprise 2. More images available: click here to see them.

The following video, compliments IGN News, discusses NASA’s development in greater detail:

While the EM Drive is a potentially game changing discovery (expect Sir Richard Branson to acquire several), the Star Trek Warp Drive still has a way to go before we can boldly go where no one has ever gone before[ref]Digital Journal[/ref].

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