R.I.P. Joanne Carson

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Joanne Copeland néé Carson has exited the planetJoanne Carson after 83 years.

She is best known as the second wife of late night talk show legend, Johnny Carson[ref]New York Times[/ref]. She hosted her own syndicated program, “Joanne Carson’s V.I.P.’s[ref]IMDB[/ref]” and made an appearance with Johnny’s heir apparent, David Letterman, on his late night talk show[ref]IMDB[/ref].

Joanne was an intellectual, with a master’s degree in psychology and a Ph.D. in nutritional biochemistry and physiology. A good friend of Truman Capote, she will be interred next to Mr. Capote at Westwood Cemetery.

Prayers for her family, friends and loved ones.



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