A 26-Year-Old War Veteran Died… Not in Iraq, But At Home…

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This story has been trending and has everyone’s attention.Sgt James Brown, Iraq War Veteran As a veteran, it quickly grabbed mine.

It is the story of a young man, a war veteran.

He served two tours in Iraq.

He was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

He turned himself in after a DUI conviction.

Two days later, he was deceased.

How can a presumably healthy young man survive two tours in Iraq, yet die while serving two days in a jail cell?

“When a 26-year-old active military person checks into jail for a court-imposed sentence on a Friday, and he leaves Sunday, you know, in a casket, something went horribly wrong there…. He was bleeding out the ears, the nose, the mouth. His kidneys shut down. His blood pressure dropped to a very dangerous level. And his liver shut down[ref]Inquisitr[/ref].”
B.J. Crow, Attorney

What the... ???

  1. Sgt. Brown reported to jail to serve a two-day sentence for driving under the influence[ref]Democracy Now[/ref]
  2. Sgt. Brown phoned his mother, Dinette Robinson-Scott, stating that the sentence would be expanded to seven days, but that he could go home by paying the court fine. Mrs. Robinson-Scott provided the payment the following morning.[ref]KFOX 14[/ref]
  3. During his overnight stay, he died screaming “I can’t breathe, I’m choking on my own blood.”
  4. Rather than provide medical care, a number of police officers in riot gear appear to be assaulting him.[ref]The Root[/ref]
  5. Despite his complaints of breathing trouble, a spit guard is placed over his face and requests for water are granted after an extended period.[ref]Huffington Post.[/ref]


The following video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Family and their Attorney express incredulity over his treatment. Watch the following video:

The El Paso medical examiner ruled Sgt. Brown’s death as being from natural causes. Watch the following video:

Is this a one-time situation? Not according to this inmate in an Abilene prison:

We appreciate Sgt. Brown’s service and pray for his wife, children and mother.



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