See Hollywood’s Number One Story Expert LIVE

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Bobette Buster is the top story consultant in Hollywood.Bobette Buster  She is a regular guest lecturer and consultant for:

  • 20th Century Fox
  • Disney
  • Pixar
  • Sony

On Tuesday, June 2nd at FOX Studios, you can attend Bobette’s “Deconstructing Master Filmmakers” lecture series. In it, she covers classic filmmakers from Hitchcock to Spielberg to the Coen Bros and Kurasawa.

She promises to reveal the secrets that makes films such as E.T., The King’s Speech, Shawshank Redemption, and the Toy Story films connect with audiences. All writers need to learn such wisdom.

To reserve your seat at this event, visit the SSN Storytellers Series Eventbrite Page. Order quickly before all available seats are taken.

“Bobette’s insights and thoroughness in examining every aspect of film has been immensely valuable to our ongoing commitment to learning and creativity.”

Elyse Klaidman, Dean of Art and Film at Pixar Studios


“Bobette is a world-class instructor whose deconstruction of popular movies reveals how great filmmakers create timeless stories. Her insightful analysis has inspired the filmmakers at our Studio and encouraged them to find the formula that would elevate a movie to greatness. Bobette’s seminar will change the way you watch movies – and the way you make them.”

Sony Animation Studios

For more on Bobette, click here.



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