Joyous Flame

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Many, many moons ago… there was a smooth songGoogie and Tom Coppola that hit local radio like hot fudge melting over an ice-cold brick of chocolate ice cream. This song was so smooth… both jazzy and spiritual… that everybody was singing along with it!

Joyous Flame by Googie and Tom Coppola was a staple of the “Quiet Storm” radio format, pioneered by my late friend and colleague Melvin Lindsey. I would imagine it received some airplay during the Sunday morning gospel music formats as well.

After their eponymous release, Googie and Tom Coppola teamed up with John Siegler and Mark Rosengarden to form the group Air. Another great musical achievement.

Still… that initial recording remains a classic that must not be forgotten. Take a listen to the ethereal beauty of Joyous Flame:





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