Hooters for Women

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Are you a man, jealous of the fact that women can show off their assets at Hooters while earning a paycheck? Well, if you are in Dallas, Texas… you can respond to a Craigslist[ref]Craigslist[/ref] advertisement and get a job serving wings and beer in a skimpy outfit.

Tallywackers Restaurant Advertisement

Granted, some of the comments on the Tallywackers Facebook[ref]Facebook[/ref] page suggest that this restaurant may be more for gay men than for women. While that allegation was refuted by another Facebook poster, the restaurant will reportedly feature “half-naked hunks carrying around phallic-shaped foods, like hot dogs.”[ref]Tech Times[/ref]

The New York Times identifies the location of this new restaurant as being in a “gayborhood”.[ref]New York Times[/ref] Specifically, the location is ±5 blocks north of notable gay bars[ref]Instinct Magazine[/ref], including:

  • The Round-Up Saloon
  • Dallas Woody’s
  • Havana
  • JR’s Bar & Grille Inc.
  • Station 4

Perhaps the video below from USA Today[ref]USA Today[/ref] can help you get a handle on this new eatery (pun only slightly intended).

Tallywackers owner Rodney Duke gave this interview[ref]Dallas Pix 11[/ref] about the genesis of his Hooters-inspired eatery:



Despite the lean towards the gay community, there are a number of straight women who seem interested in being served by hot fellas wearing very little clothing[ref]WTVR[/ref]. Go figure…




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