Waiter, There’s a Fly in My Urinal

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A friend complained about her boys “peeing all over”Fly in the Urinal her bathroom. I think that is motherspeak for urine splashing or landing on the toilet seat, the surrounding floor, or etc.

I recommended that she get a permanent market to draw a fly on the inside of her toilet. She laughed, assuming that I was joking.

Studies have proven that flies are the most natural things for men to aim at while urinating[ref]Boing Boing[/ref]. Today, there is a business that provides a target for males in your household to aim at. The Urinal Fly[ref]UrinalFly.com[/ref] is a new product to make commercial and home bathrooms much more clean. Fancy that.

You can learn more about it at NPR.org. Meanwhile… you can listen to the NPR Podcast below:




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