Marvel vs. DC — Battle for the Box Office

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With the success of motion pictures based on Marvel Comics characters (an entity edging toward the $10-Billion mark with the second Avengers film), DC Comics is struggling to play a game of catch-up. The question… are they already out-paced? Is the Warner-owned franchise still tying its running shoes while Disney’s Marvel is in view of the finish line?

Worlds Collide by Artemis Thorson aka Foster Stinson

The Hollywood Reporter recently published an article[ref]Hollywood Reporter[/ref] that chronicles the difficulties DC has had with rivaling the Marvel Universe. This includes:

  • The struggle with getting a script for a Wonder Woman film
  • The struggle with getting a script for an Aquaman film
  • The exodus of Christopher Nolan… leaving Batman vs. Superman without his input
  • A big question mark regarding The Flash (which Greg Berlanti has transformed into a hit television series
  • Prime focus being given to Lego Movie sequels and J.K. Rowling’s “Fantastic Beasts” trilogy

Granted, Kevin Feige has created a master architecture for the Marvel Studios way forward… one that will be difficult to duplicate without a Feigeian mastermind on the Warner/DC side of the cinematic battle.




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