No Such Thing As A Free Ride

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One thing I don’t miss about working in the Nation’s Capitol was paying exorbitant fees to drive to and from work. Still, it was better to pay (up to $10 each direction) to get home in a fraction of the time it would take were I in the free lanes.

Toll Road Lanes

That was the rationale of Cameron Aanestad[ref]ABC 7, Los Angeles[/ref], who drove ±54 miles in each direction on his daily commute to and from his place of employment. But, when an apparent computer error caused his transponder to not function correctly, his $700 in toll charges ballooned to roughly $27,000 in toll violations.

Even worse, the system reportedly failed to send Mr. Aanestad notifications in regard to the issues with his transponder. However, bill collectors were quick to threaten his bank account and his home with foreclosure. He is reportedly seeking succor from an attorney.

I guess this situation invalidates the classic song by the Edgar Winter group, Free Ride


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