The Death of USB?

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Is USB a thing of the past?USB 3.1 Standard A vs. Type-C

The Universal Serial Bus was developed in the 1990’s as a way to standardize various types of computer connectivity.

We all have USB thumb drives for data storage and sharing, USB hard drives for terabytes of storage and system backup, and USB peripherals from printers to scanners to motion capture devices and beyond.

USB-C came along concurrent with USB 3.0 but offers advantages[ref]Wikipedia[/ref] that include (but are not limited to):

  • Smaller connector
  • Plug is reversable (no more problems figuring up from down)
  • Flexible power delivery

So, what is the motivation for abandoning the original USB for USB Type-C?

In order to create the latest slim-and-trim MacBook, Apple needed to abandon USB Standard A for USB Type-C[ref]PC Magazine[/ref]. And, where Apple goes… the industry follows.

We can all look forward to spending money on new peripherals… or adapter cables. I will have to replace my 64GB thumb drive that has barely been unpacked and used. Sigh…

The Apple adapter is only $19.00[ref]Apple Store[/ref] (plus tax, shipping, and handling).

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