TSA: Touch Sensitive Areas

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In a previous blog, we spoke about how some TSA personnel seemingly profit by confiscating items (like my $80 cigar lighter). Inconvenient, at best.

Statue of Colonial TSA Agent?

   Statue of Colonial TSA Agent?

How about something even worse? Word of a more vitriolic activity resulted in the termination[ref]NBC News[/ref] of at least two TSA agents.

We watched the CNN video that described an elaborate plot set up by some TSA agents in Denver, Colorado:

  • Handsome male passengers are sent for X-Ray screening[ref]Leaked Body Scans[/ref]
  • The X-Ray is sabotaged, prompting an X-Rated screening[ref]X-Ray Image NSFW[/ref]

In the video below, a former Denver TSA agent shared how ubiquitous this groping scheme happened to be. He also discussed group text messages among TSA Agents regarding this groping scheme.

As victims continue to come forward[ref]NBC News[/ref] and some TSA personnel and officials break their silence[ref]CBS News[/ref], one might hope the shenanigans will stop and the TSA will improve their customer service with 100% professionalism.

TSA Groin Grope
N’est ci-pas ???

When Pigs Fly?



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