On-Line Dating Can Be Murder. Literally…

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Women are told to be careful when meeting an on-line friendDangers of Internet Dating for the first time. But, after hearing about an incident in Oregon… men need to be warned as well.

In a report[ref]Fox 12 WBTV[/ref] from WBTV’s Simon Gutierrez, a first date was nearly a homicide. The woman took an alumninum bat and cracked his skull. Check out the video below:

So, a 26-year-old fellow moves over 2,000 miles away from his home to be with a 24-year-old woman he met on line… and she (and a female accomplice) conspires to murder him. Hmm…

Perhaps a good incentive to get off the internet and join the church social group, huh?

And, for more on the dangers of internet dating… check out the vignette below:





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