Before Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman was…

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Before Lynda Carter, but after William Dozier’s pitch, networks created a version of Wonder Woman as a blonde (Cathy Lee Crosby) in a star-spangled track suit.

WONDER WOMAN, Cathy Lee Crosby, 1974In this version, we see things like:

  • Wonder Woman teleporting
  • She takes out two snipers
  • She watches a jackass go through a car wash (or, maybe an ass wash?)
  • She enters the wash and observes what looks like multi-colored manure dripping down a wall

Okay, you are rolling your eyes with incredulity. But seriously, that is what happens.

Alrighty then, just take a look for yourself.



After this experiment… they finally went back to formula and cast the wonderful Lynda Carter in the role. And history was changed forever. Well, at least, until…

We’ll pick this up tomorrow, kids.




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