Dennis Hopper’s Last Film: Coming Soon

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Dennis Hopper, gone five years as of the end of next month, is not forgotten. In fact, his last unfinished work has received a breath of new life.

Dennis Hopper by Andy Warhol, 1971We were impressed to read in Variety[ref]Variety U.S. Edition[/ref] that The Last Film Festival topped its $90,000 Kickstarter fundraising goal in a blazing three weeks.

The Last Film Festival is the story of a failing producer whose film has been turned down by every film festival out there… except for one. The Kickstarter funds are targeted to pay for rights to footage from other films and to complete editing and post-production.

Former Hollywood Reporter film critic[ref]Hollywood Reporter[/ref] Linda Yellen[ref]Linda Yellen IMDB[/ref], describes the film:

Dennis plays Nick Twain, a once legendary producer who now has the biggest flop on his hands,” says Yellen. “In a way it’s Birdman, isn’t it? An eternal story. He’s gotta rally the troops in this small town that thinks it should have a film festival, the O’Hi Film Festival — the only one who would have him with his flop — and use his gamesmanship and producer knowledge to turn around his failing career. It’s about all the weird characters that come together in a kind of dysfunctional family to make a movie, you know? A little like Day for Night — and we have Jackie Bisset from that film playing Dennis’ ex-wife, a diva with a lot of demands and ego.

In addition to Hopper, the film also stars:

The planned release date is May 30th… the anniversary of Dennis Hopper’s exit.




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