EastEnders 30th Anniversary

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One of my great pleasures while living in the Nation’s Capitol was being able to follow the adventures of the citizens of the fictional British township of Walford.

Granted, the episodes were over seven years old (the late Wendy Richard is still present in those shows). Still, that (followed by Dr. Who) was my Saturday morning ritual.

EastEnders 30th Anniversary

While the Beeb (in its infinite wisdom) blocks those of us across the pond from viewing EastEnders, there are two pleasures we Yanks can enjoy!


The BBC Writers Room has posted five scripts for your perusal[ref]EastEnders Script Downloads[/ref]. Should you ever wish to write for a British serial, here is an opportunity to study the flow and format thereof.

You can download the scripts (and read James Payne’s blog[ref]James Payne’s Blog[/ref] on writing the live EastEnders 30th Anniversary episode) at The BBC Writers Room.


Here is a clip from the anniversary episode[ref]The Guardian[/ref]. Behold, and enjoy!





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