When Iran Loved Israel

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Netanyahu’s speech is still ringing in the ears of American politicians. Iranian nuclear aspirations are a threat to Israel. But, not so long ago, Iranians loved Israel.

IRAN-TVWell, to be more accurate, they loved “Zero Degree Turn,” an hour-long television drama that was sympathetic to the plight of the Jewish people (during the Second World War). Featuring elaborate 1940’s era costumes and European locations, this was the most expensive program ever aired by Iranian Channel One.

Ironic that a country which routinely calls for the extermination of Israel (and declared that the Holocaust was a myth), produced a love story between an Iranian-Palestinian Muslim man and a French Jewish woman.

Part of the rationale seemed to be that Iranians saw a distinction between “Jewish people” and the Government of Israel (which it believes to be a racist state). That explains the existence of roughly 25,000 Jews in Iran — one of whom was a member of the Iranian Parliament.

The website for the series is no-longer accessible, but you can read more about it at Wikipedia.




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