An Ode to the Anthropomorphic Carrot

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Our web series Queer Steer features a family of anthropomorphic cattle. A bit of a stretch, for sure. But at least they are mammals. Years ago, Irwin Allen introduced us to the vegan variety of anthropomorphism.

The Great Vegetable RebellionThe Lost in Space episode “The Great Vegetable Rebellion” was a laughable sci-fi romp in which the crew of the Jupiter II was held hostage by an anthropomorphic carrot. Seriously. Did no one at the network ask what kind of threat an unarmed talking vegetable might pose to anybody?

How can a vegetable hurt you? They are actually good for you!

And could one not acquire a machete and do a Martha Stewart style julienne on carrot guy?

Yes, carrots are a heart healthy snack, not a frightening adversary.

And, why were there no mutant rabbits on that planet?

Lost in Space was a 1960’s show and we didn’t have killer attack rabbits until the Jimmy Carter administration (Google it, kids).

In that momentous hour of TV history, when the anthropomorphic carrot began to dehydrate, the lead character displayed compassion by giving the anthropomorphic carrot some water. And thus, the day was saved.

Tune in next week when Dr. Smith turns into Flava Flav…

Oh dear... the pain... the pain of it all...

Oh dear… the pain… the pain of it all…




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