HBO Access Writing Fellowship

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As Hollywood continues its attempts to pursue diversity, irregardless of the punditry that preceded… accompanied… and followed the last Academy Awards ceremony, HBO is launching the first HBOAccess Writing Fellowship. A follow-up to its HBOAccess Directing Fellowship, HBO is allowing women and minorities an opportunity to participate in the written aspect of the creative process.

HBOIf you are an I-9 qualified, ethnically diverse and/or female writer, with involvement in less than 13 episodes of network or cable television and no more than one feature film or two stage plays produced… then you qualify to submit for this program.

What do participants get?

  • One week of master classes at HBO’s Santa Monica campus, featuring:
    • Character and Story Development
    • Pitching
    • Securing an Agent
    • Networking
  • Eight-months with an HBO development executive to learn script development.
  • Formal introduction to industry professionals

Visit The HBOAccess Writing Fellowship Submission Form for more information, and to submit your entry.

And, as Liam Neeson said to Marco from Tropoj… Good Luck!




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